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Das schöne mädchen

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das schöne mädchen

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But now I see that I was not law. I was hesitant for a long time to get acquainted on the Internet. This kind of Me I invited my girlfriend Natalia.

At first I did not believe her that is at all possible. After all, I never dealt with computer and internet for me to do something new But she I was able to persuade.

I try to tell about yourself In this letter. For me it's very interesting what you are doing? That entertainment is best for you?

Where do you work? My height , weight My Russian nationality and live in Russia in the city Saransk. It is quite large and ancient city will be about km from the capital of Russia Moscow.

We have many things Past. I live in the southern part of Saransk! I would like to continue the dialogue with you.

I wish to speak with you alone. I know that you live very far away from me, I understand, and for me it's not scary.

In that there is some romance. I am very tired of living alone and therefore decided find a life for themselves, not wait until he finds me himself.

Yes and men in our city do not enjoy great success Most of them like to drink with them So no one wants to start relationships and build a family.

I live alone in a studio apartment with her mother and with her beloved pet. It's a cat his name Gabsi. My mother - a very fine man. We like her two friends.

If you would be so opportunity to get acquainted with her, I was sure that she would you liked. I have no father. Therefore, would not want to wind up about it in the future it.

It's not a very favorite topic of conversation for me and my mom. I work I am an administrator in a clothing store. I love my work.

Well, I tell you a little about yourself and you will understand me and what I have learned people. I hope that I liked you.

It I wrote a bit about my life. I'll tell you more about myself by next letter if I interest you;- I really hope for your reply and for our further communication JPG Email: Hello my friend xxx!!!!

How was your day? What were you doing? What is your weather like? I use a translator to write to you I can speak English, so in the future if I do not answer your question, so I do not understand, please write it again, I will reply are mandatory.

I am very glad to see your letter today. You know - I'm a very long time thought once sent his first letter to you.

I thought that the answer you give me or not. And when I saw your letter on the screen, this very happy. I just really would like to continue our acquaintance with you, learn more about each other.

I hope that you too want it! For me, these are dating than unusual, new. In a similar way, I have never met men. Tighter contact with the computer, I started only when meet you.

Since the last great need in the computer I not experienced. Houses unfortunately I do not have a computer and therefore I have to go to the local library or to his girlfriend to write you a letter.

I would like to tell you about my life. I want that between us there were no secrets and we were able to immediately trust each other.

After all, only on the trust built the strongest relationships. Do you think I'm right? As I have already probably said I live with my mother.

Father, I have not. But that did not stop my mother to raise me a good person. And for that I am very grateful. I finished my high school.

There I was 5 years old. After the end of a very long time I was looking for a job in the profession, but unfortunately was not able to find her in the city.

And so I had to take a course administrator and go to work in a clothing store. But I still dream of becoming a good lawyer.

And I hope that my dream will ever come true. I very rarely am angry, I love when the house is cozy and quiet. I love to cook food!

In my spare time I'm interested to see billiards and bowling, it's my weakness. In the letter I send you some photos with his girlfriend Natalie.

I mention it in my last letter. I want to hear your voice. Give me your phone number at which you can answer.

I will try to call you from the library. I still can not give you my number because my phone was repaired. Yours Ekaterina.

Email: Hello my dear friend xxx! You just can not imagine how much joy you brought to me by writing your letter today.

I do not understand why, but today I was waiting for him as never stings. I was just very curious what you write to me today.

I am very glad that I listened while his girlfriend and decided to get to know you. Now I am sure that she was completely right.

I just until today could not believe that many Russian girls found their happiness in the internet. I realized that there are still decent men like you!!!

I am glad of it You seem interesting, intelligent person. I want to tell you about my everyday life. I get up for work at 7. Get to work by bus, sometimes I walk, because at that time many people rushing to work and so I can not get on the bus, for me there is no room.

Basically, I spend part of their time at work. But I did not forget about his personal life - my friends, my home.

In my free time, I like to go with friends to the river or lake. I love to swim, but winter is coming and I lose my such pleasure.

How many are left? The answer is I am a bean, i am very lean. I am not fat, i am sure of that. Like all beans, i am small and round Letters are not case-sensitive.

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