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Stargate – Kommando SG-1 oder kurz Stargate SG-1 ist eine Military-Science-Fiction-Fernsehserie, die auf dem Kinofilm Stargate aus dem Jahr basiert. Die Serie erzählt die Abenteuer der Einsatzgruppe „SG-1“ – einer von mehreren SG-Einheiten –. Stargate SG-1 Schauspieler, Cast & Crew. Liste der Besetung: Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping u.v.m. Das machen die Darsteller heute. Andreas Engelhardt Alle Infos zu Stargate Universe. 1 von © MGM. Zehn Jahre lang begeisterte. Stargate ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Film des deutschen Regisseurs Roland Emmerich aus dem Jahr Die Hauptrollen spielen Kurt Russell. Ab der siebten Staffel liefen die Erstausstrahlungen jedoch bei dem österreichischen Sender ATV. Besetzung[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Schauspieler.

stargate schauspieler

Schauspieler Richard Dean Anderson, der vor seiner Stargate-Karriere längst als Dr. Webber aus „General Hospital“ und vor allem MacGyver. Ab der siebten Staffel liefen die Erstausstrahlungen jedoch bei dem österreichischen Sender ATV. Besetzung[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Schauspieler. Besetzung und Stab von Stargate, Regisseur: Roland Emmerich. Besetzung: Kurt Russell, James Spader, Viveca Lindfors, Jaye Davidson. Serienstream stargate Gale. Die Replikatoren löschten daraufhin Bevölkerung ihres Heimatplaneten, darunter auch Reese' Vater aus und fingen white-collar, sich in der Galaxis zu verbreiten. Manami Hara. Porta war einer der Mönche, die der Staffel 2 der 15 angehörten. Langford Erik Holland. Selmak 7 Fans. Staffel kehrt Jonas auf seinen Planeten zurück. Guy Fauchon. Stefan Krause.

Turghan 26 Fans. Hachiko - Eine wunderbare Freundschaft. Erick Avari. Kasuf 9 Fans. Die Mumie. Katharine Isabelle. Valencia 38 Fans.

Ginger Snaps - Das Biest in dir. Michael Welch. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. Dom DeLuise. Feivel, der Mauswanderer.

Duncan Fraser. Langford 1 Fan. Sieben Jahre in Tibet. Ian Tracey. Smith 5 Fans. Sucker Punch. Ian Buchanan.

First 1 Fan. Panic Room. Robert Wisden. Major Bert Samuels 3 Fans. Watchmen - Die Wächter. Fred Willard. Jacek 7 Fans. Wall-E - Der Letzte räumt die Erde auf.

Larry Drake. Burrock 3 Fans. John Noble. Meurik 68 Fans. Roger R. Conner 5 Fans. Final Destination 2. Isaac Hayes. Kill Bill: Volume 2. Kevin Conway.

SG Leader 2 Fans. Mystic River. Kevin McNulty. Warner 2 Fans. Der Fluch der zwei Schwestern. Matthew Walker. Diverse Rollen 1 Fan.

Dan Castellaneta. Die Simpsons. Jesse Moss. Lieutenant J. Hibbard 5 Fans. Christopher Kennedy. Larry Murphy 0 Fans.

Paycheck - Die Abrechnung. Patrick Gallagher. Jaffa Commander 2 Fans. Diego Klattenhoff. Radius - Tödliche Nähe. Paul Anthony. Sklave 1 Fan.

Blade: Trinity. Timothy Webber. Commander Gareth 3 Fans. Jolene Blalock. Ishta 11 Fans. Star Trek: Enterprise.

Morena Baccarin. Adria Fans. Aaron Douglas. I, Robot. Georgia Craig. Sabrina Gosling 0 Fans. Dawn of the Dead.

Gavin Hood. Colonel Alexi Vaselov 4 Fans. X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Lorena Gale. Butterfly Effect. Hammond assigned two Stargate teams, designating Kawalsky as the commanding officer of SG When SG-1 escaped, it was Kawalsky and his team that helped the team, Teal'c and the prisoners to escape from an attacking Death Glider.

His efforts helped to return everybody back to Earth, however, before going through the Gate, an infant Goa'uld symbiote escaped a dying Jaffa and inserted itself into Kawalsky, without his knowledge.

He returned to Earth, thinking it was slight neck pain. SG1 : " Children of the Gods ". After the mission to Chulak, Kawalsky began experiencing headaches and blackouts, which was when the larval Goa'uld took control.

He went to the infirmary and was checked out by Dr. Nimzicki who found the entry scar on the back of his neck.

The Goa'uld took control of him and killed Nimzicki to keep him from exposing him. Eventually, it was discovered the parasite was within Kawalsky, and with help from Teal'c, the Goa'uld was removed by Dr.

William Warner. However, the Goa'uld managed to keep enough of itself in Kawalsky, attempting to return to Chulak, but Teal'c stopped him, holding him in the event horizon of the Stargate.

The Gate deactivated, taking a portion of Kawalsky's head off, killing both the parasite and Kawalsky, although Jack later commented that Kawalsky had actually died on the operating table.

SG1 : " The Enemy Within ". Major Charles Kawalsky in an alternate reality. Major Charles Kawalsky in an alternate timeline.

In an alternate timeline created by SG-1 traveling back in time 5, years, Major Charles Kawalsky, in this timeline a Marine Corps officer, was put on the team going on a scouting mission to Chulak in This was done to help draw Colonel Jack O'Neill out of retirement after he refused to help.

Once there, O'Neill and his team, along with Dr. Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson , were captured. With the help of Teal'c , they were able to escape.

Kawalsky was still suspicious of Teal'c and he was reluctant to take him with them. However, Kawalsky and most of the team were killed while trying to escape back to the Time Jumper.

SG1 : " Moebius, Part 2 ". One of the penguins in the film Madagascar and its sequel Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa , Kowalski, was named after the Stargate character.

Other penguins in this film were similarly named after characters from other films or television shows. Sign In Don't have an account?

Start a Wiki. Do you like this video? Contents [ show ]. It later turns out that Simmons had orchestrated the entire affair.

When Conrad is killed, the Goa'uld infects Simmons. O'Neill is able to open an emergency airlock and releases Simmons into hard vacuum, killing both him and the Goa'uld.

Colonel Chekov , played by Garry Chalk , seasons 5—6, 8—10 — Russia 's liaison to Stargate Command following the early season 4 events of the short-lived Russian Stargate program.

He makes his last appearance in " Camelot " as the commander of the Earth ship Korolev to stop the Ori fleet from invading the Milky Way , but is killed when his ship was obliterated by the Ori Fleet, though six other crew members were transported from the ship before its destruction.

John Smith. They asked him if he could speak Russian , Chalk replied "No. Greenberg had said to Chalk that they were going to bring him into the show, at first there was no audition or a single phone call, until season 5 of the series.

During the shows history, Chalk "Begged" the producers for his character to go through the " Stargate ", but they said no, but, eventually they came up with the idea of giving him his own starship.

Chalk was the only non-Russian actor assigned in " Flesh and Blood ". Paul Langford who discovered the Stargate, as a girl she acquired an amulet depicting the Eye of Ra during the excavation of the Stargate in Giza in Catherine and Ernest were separated by a gate incident in and were re-united in the mid-season 1 episode " The Torment of Tantalus ", but Ernest is never seen again in the series although he is mentioned in season 1s " There But For the Grace of God " and season 2's " The Fifth Race ".

Her death is announced in season 8's " Moebius, Part 1 "; she leaves her personal collection of documents and artifacts, including the golden medallion of Ra, to Daniel Jackson.

In the show, Earth's efforts to construct starships of its own using reverse-engineered alien technology begin in the season 4 episode " Tangent ", with the less-than-successful X The first spaceworthy Earth fighter, the X later F , is introduced in season 6's " Redemption ", and a few episodes later in " Prometheus ", Earth's first space battlecruiser, the Prometheus.

Squadrons of Fs are eventually stationed on Earth, Atlantis , the SGC's alternative sites, and its battlecruisers.

In season 2 of Stargate Atlantis , the Daedalus -class battlecruiser is introduced, incorporating advancements that were tested on the Prometheus.

Six Daedalus -class battlecruisers appeared in the franchise: the Daedalus , [70] the Odyssey , [71] the Korolev , [72] the Apollo , [73] the Sun Tzu , and the George Hammond named the Phoenix in an alternate timeline.

Air Force stealth fighter and the HL aircraft from the s, while still leaving the Goa'uld glider origins of the design recognizable.

He and his team focused on creating a realistic-looking cockpit interior for the X in terms of the headrest with overhead ejection handles and emergency systems.

Andy Mikita thought the Prometheus was a fun set to shoot in because "there's lots of layers and textures and flashing lights".

The Abydonians are the people whom Colonel O'Neill's team encounters on another planet in the Stargate film. They are the slaves of the alien Ra and are descendants from ancient Egyptians brought through the Stargate to mine the fictional mineral naqahdah.

The film gives the location of their homeworld—named Abydos in SG-1 's pilot episode " Children of the Gods "—as the Kaliem galaxy "on the far side of the known universe" a vague reference to the constellation Caelum , perhaps in the film; and as the closest planets to Earth in the Stargate network in "Children of the Gods".

The military personnel return to Earth, while Daniel falls in love with Kasuf's daughter Sha're and remains behind. In "Children of the Gods", set a year after the film, the Goa'uld Apophis attacks Abydos, abducting Sha're and her brother Skaara to serve as hosts for his queen Amonet and son Klorel.

The Ancients are the original builders of the Stargate network, who by the time of Stargate SG-1 have ascended beyond corporeal form into a higher plane of existence.

The humans of Earth are the "second evolution" of the Ancients. The Ancients originally known as the Alterans colonized the Milky Way galaxy millions of years ago and built a great empire.

They also colonized the Pegasus galaxy and seeded human life there before being driven out by the Wraith. The civilization of the Ancients in the Milky Way was decimated millions of years ago by a plague and those who did not learn to ascend died out.

With few exceptions the ascended Ancients respect free will and refuse to interfere in the affairs of the material galaxy.

However their legacy is felt profoundly throughout the Stargate universe, from their technologies such as Stargates and Atlantis to the Ancient Technology Activation gene that they introduced into the human genome through interbreeding.

It is unclear if she is an Ancient herself, as the Ancients Orlin and Merlin give different accounts of knowing Oma. Oma eventually guides Shifu to ascension in season 4's " Absolute Power ".

Oma is involved in Daniel Jackson's ascension in " Meridian " and forceful de-ascension in " Fallen ", and also helps the entire Abydonian population ascend after Anubis 's attack in season 6's " Full Circle ".

Oma Desala last appears in season 8's " Threads ", sacrificing herself to enter an eternal battle with Anubis to prevent him from wreaking further havoc on the galaxy.

The Stargate producers offered her the part when she was visiting the set while in Vancouver for another job.

The best direction she got for playing this almost "omniscient" character was that she was not like others and was a "being" of her own.

The Asgard are a benevolent race that, according to the mythology of Stargate , gave rise to Norse mythology on Earth and inspired accounts of the Roswell grey aliens.

The Asgard can no longer reproduce and perpetuate themselves by transferring their minds into new clone bodies as necessary.

Extremely advanced technologically, the threat of their intervention shields many planets in the Milky Way from Goa'uld attack, including Earth.

Their main adversary in Stargate SG-1 are the mechanical Replicators , against which they enlist the aid of SG-1 on several occasions.

The entire Asgard civilization chooses to self-destruct in " Unending " due to the degenerative effects of repeated cloning.

A small colony of Asgard still exist in the Pegasus galaxy that were able to stop cloning's diminishing returns. Most Asgard characters on the show are directly named after Norse gods.

Stargate SG-1 had several Asgard puppets, and six puppeteers are necessary to make the different parts of the main Asgard puppet work.

Thor asks for SG-1's assistance after his people's plan to trap the Replicators inside a time-dilation field on the planet Halla backfired.

Thor gets a new clone body soon after. As attempts to save the Asgard civilization from their genetic difficulties have failed, he informs Lt.

Carter that the Asgard consider people of Earth the fifth race, heirs first to the Ancients and now the Asgard, and that is it their turn to safeguard the future.

Thor perishes along with the rest of the Asgard race when their planet self-destructs before the Ori can attack. Carter later programs the Asgard data core's interface to look and behave like Thor, but admits that it isn't the same as talking to the god that became her friend.

Thor originally speaks slower in the first season, but Michael Shanks, who voiced him since the beginning, joked that he is not getting paid by the hour but by the amount of dialog, when commenting on the increased dialog speed in later episodes.

The most powerful Goa'uld in the galaxy are collectively known as the System Lords. The Goa'uld are a parasitic species that resemble finned snakes, which can burrow themselves into a humanoid's neck and wrap around the spinal column.

The Goa'uld symbiote then takes control of its host's body and mind, while providing longevity and perfect health.

In their fictional backstory, the Goa'uld invaded and ruled over Earth thousands of years ago, masquerading as gods from ancient mythologies.

The Goa'uld transplanted humans throughout the galaxy to serve as slaves and hosts, and they created the Jaffa to serve as incubators for their larvae.

Most of the appearing and mentioned Goa'uld characters are named after and based on Egyptian mythology Amunet , Atum , [99] Bastet , [] [] Hathor , Horus , Imhotep , [] Khonsu , [] Isis , [] Montu , [] Nefertum , [] Sekhmet , [] Set , [] [] Sobek , [] Thoth [] , but also Celtic mythology Camulus , Grannus , [] Morrigan [] [] , Greek mythology Ares , [] Athena , [] [] Nereus , [] [71] Pelops [] , Japanese mythology Amaterasu , Mesopotamian mythology Ishkur , [] Marduk [] , Hindu mythology Kali , [] Canaanite mythology Moloch , [] [] Mot , [] Qetesh [] , Yoruba mythology Olokun , Slavic mythology Svarog , [] [] Babylonian mythology Tiamat , [] [] and Maya mythology Zipacna.

Based on the god Anubis of Egyptian mythology , the character is first mentioned in season 5's " Between Two Fires " and makes his first appearance in " Revelations ".

It is revealed that like all the other Egyptian "gods", he is in fact a Goa'uld -- one so vicious and cruel that he was banished by the other Goa'uld.

Earth is eventually able to annihilate Anubis's fleet above Antarctica in " Lost City ", but Anubis survives in energy form " Lockdown ".

Anubis regains his power throughout season 8 and develops a plan to destroy all life in the galaxy and then repopulate it to his own designs " Reckoning ".

Just as he prepares to use the weapon in " Threads ", Oma Desala , who aided in his ascension thousands of years ago, engages him in an eternal battle.

David Palffy was cast to play Sokar before he got the part of Anubis. Mainly because of the severe time restraints of filming television, the producers gave Palffy no background on the character and encouraged Palffy to experiment and find the character's tone himself.

And as I say, this resulting displacement of energy that's evil, that has been temporarily harnessed under a hood to give him physical form.

He's the image of death, the figure of death incarnate, and he's surrounded by a black robe. That symbol in itself has been around since the dawn of time.

That in itself is over the top. And of course, as an actor, you've got to work with that. To do otherwise, to underplay that, will work against the idea of what he represents.

Based on the god Apep of Egyptian mythology , the character gained power after Ra 's death in the film and commands a raid on Earth and Abydos in " Children of the Gods ", leading to the restart of the Stargate Program.

His then-First Prime, Teal'c, defects from his army afterwards. Apophis's standing amongst the System Lords is severely diminishes after a failed full-scale assault on Earth in season 2's " The Serpent's Lair ".

Apophis is killed and eventually revived by the Goa'uld Sokar in season 3. After defeating Sokar's massive fleet and army in season 3's " The Devil You Know ", Apophis becomes the most powerful Goa'uld in the galaxy.

Despite his death aboard his Replicator -infested ship in season 5's " Enemies ", Apophis appears in visions and alternate universes in season 6's " The Changeling ", season 8's " Moebius " and Stargate: Continuum.

The astronomers David J. Tholen and Roy A. Tucker enjoyed the character so much that they named a near-Earth asteroid that they co-discovered in , Apophis.

Introduced in season 5's " Summit " and recurring until the end of the show, he is the longest-running villain in Stargate history.

After Anubis' fleet is destroyed in season 7's " Lost City ", Ba'al gains substantial power and wages a war against all other System Lords, driving them to the brink of defeat in early and mid-season 8.

With his traditional power base gone, Ba'al exiles to Earth and takes over the Trust , posing as a wealthy businessman in season 9's " Ex Deus Machina ".

Having made multiple clones of himself, Ba'al begins a campaign to battle the invading Ori for control of the galaxy in " Stronghold " and tries to gain power through various means in " Off the Grid ", and season 10's " Insiders " and " The Quest ".

Ba'al captures Adria in " Dominion " and implants one of his cloned symbiotes within her, massacring most of his other clones with symbiote poison.

The Tok'ra extract the symbiote from the last Ba'al clone in Stargate: Continuum. Cliff Simon met with executive producers Robert C.

Cooper and Brad Wright and auditioned eight months before the character Ba'al was created for the series. Simon, Cooper and Wright came to an agreement to wait until they found the right character for Simon in the show.

Simon said "I was very lucky," when talking about his character in an interview with The Sci Fi World.

The Jaffa are an offshoot of humanity, genetically engineered by the Goa'uld. They have an abdominal pouch which serves to incubate larval Goa'uld.

The infant Goa'uld provides strength, longevity, and good health, at the cost of supplanting the Jaffa's natural immune system, making them dependent on the Goa'uld for more symbiotes.

The Jaffa have a warrior culture and form the armies of the Goa'uld. His surviving to an age of retirement as First Prime is a noted rarity, and affords him a significant amount of respect among Jaffa.

Bra'tac is over years of age at the beginning of the series, a fact he reminds SG-1 of on multiple occasions. Bra'tac, having been one of the first Jaffa to doubt the Goa'uld as gods, has been an outcast among the Jaffa since at least season 1.

Bra'tac was also the one who initially influenced Teal'c to doubt the Goa'uld as well. Bra'tac helps Teal'c and SG-1 on many missions.

He is initially suspicious of the humans, particularly O'Neill. This dynamic is played out somewhat comically, but Bra'tac slowly learns to trust and respect humans.

During a mission to find the Harcesis child Shifu on Kheb in season 3's " Maternal Instinct ", Bra'tac is presented with the idea of Ascension but in the end decides against this possibility for himself.

At the end of season 6, Bra'tac and Teal'c are both badly wounded during a Jaffa meeting and lose their symbiotes, surviving only by taking the new drug Tretonin.

Bra'tac is the primary instigator of the Jaffa Resistance , a rebellion aimed at overthrowing the Goa'uld and establishing the freedom of all Jaffa.

At the end of season 8, Bra'tac and Teal'c convince the other members of the Jaffa Rebellion to attack Dakara in an ultimately successful mission.

The Jaffa obtain freedom, and Bra'tac receives a position of honor. Bra'tac becomes a member of the High Council, the governing body of the new Free Jaffa Nation but still stays loyal to Stargate Command.

Some time after the destruction of Dakara by the Ori , leaders of the Free Jaffa Nation meet to consider the future, but Bra'tac and Teal'c are badly injured during an ambush by a former enemy of Teal'c.

The Lucian Alliance is an interstellar group of human smugglers and mercenaries that have joined together from many different human-settled worlds across the Milky Way Galaxy to fill the power vacuum created by the demise of the Goa'uld , and have obtained and modified Goa'uld technology for their own use.

When their trade partner Vala Mal Doran does not keep an agreement in their first appearance in season 8's " Prometheus Unbound ", she and Daniel are placed on a Lucian Alliance wanted list.

The Lucian Alliance is first referred to by name in season 9's " The Ties That Bind " and reappears as a recurring foe in seasons 9 and The Lucian Alliance story arc is continued in Stargate Universe.

They fit in with SG-1 ' s lighter, more high adventure-driven tone but would have stood out and not in a good way in the new series [ Stargate Universe ].

As a result, I was initially leery at the prospect of introducing them to SGU but, as so often happened over the course of my many years in the franchise, I trusted in Brad [Wright] and Robert [C.

Cooper] and, in the end, that trust was rewarded with a terrific story element that not only succeeded as planned [ The Alliance was always envisioned as a loose coalition of mercenary groups so it made sense that certain factions would have been more capable and threatening than others.

The Ori are Ascended beings who use their infinite knowledge of the universe to force lesser beings to worship them.

In essence, they used to be Ancients, however they split into separate groups due to different views of life. The Ori are religious while the Ancients prefer science.

The Ori sway lesser-developed planets into worshipping them by promising Ascension through an invented and empty religion called "Origin".

This religion states that they created humanity and as such are to be worshipped by their creations.

It also promises its followers that, on death, they will Ascend. However, Origin was designed to channel energy from the human worshippers to the Ori.

As such, the Ori never help anyone else Ascend because then they would have to share the power that they sap from their worshippers.

Their ultimate goal is to completely destroy the Ascended Ancients, who they know as "the Others".

All of their efforts, including their technology, are for the purpose of garnering worshippers.

As Ascended beings, the Ori do not interfere directly in the mortal plane. Instead, they use humans called Priors , which they artificially evolve so that they are one step from Ascension, giving the Priors godly powers.

Because the Ori have worshippers across the entire home galaxy of the Ancients, and using their knowledge to spread, they are nearly unstoppable.

Adria , played by Robert C. Cooper 's daughter Emma season 10, age 4 , Jodelle Ferland season 10, age 7 , Brenna O'Brien season 10, age 12 , Morena Baccarin season 10, adult — The primary antagonist in season Adria is the Orici , a genetically advanced human infused with Ori knowledge.

The Ori had impregnated Vala Mal Doran with Adria against her will in season 9 to circumvent the Ancients' rules in the Milky Way galaxy , and as such Vala named the child after her "witch of a woman" stepmother.

Losing contact with young Adria in " Flesh and Blood ", Vala meets her daughter again as an adult in " Counterstrike ".

Adria attempts to convert Daniel to the path of Origin and makes him a Prior, but he betrays her in " The Shroud " and uses the weapon on the Ori galaxy.

Adria is briefly implanted with the Goa'uld Ba'al in " Dominion ", but the removal of the symbiote almost kills Adria and she ascends.

She nevertheless continues the Ori's assault on the Milky Way in Stargate: The Ark of Truth , where the Ancient Morgan le Fay engages her in an ascended battle, "eternally distracting her from being able to continue her evil ways".

Tomin is intended as a representation of the Ori warriors, [] and Cooper described Guinee as a "fabulous actor who instantly creates that humanity and empathy Tomin had been crippled since childhood, and was therefore looked down on by his fellow villagers.

Tomin married Vala and accepted her pregnancy as his child, not knowing that it was an immaculate conception set by the Ori. A little later, a Prior visited the village and cured Tomin of his limp, allowing him to become a warrior for the Ori.

The prior also told Tomin the truth about the child as "the will of the Ori", who would later be the Orici. Tomin is later able to forgive Vala.

Tomin rises to the rank of commander within the Ori warrior armies, and he and Vala meet again in " Line in the Sand ".

Because a Prior twists the words of the Book of Origin, Tomin begins to doubt the Priors and their interpretations of Origin's teachings, and helps Vala escape.

Tomin helps with the final Ori defeat in the film Stargate: The Ark of Truth , in which, after seeing a Prior's death with his own eyes, he learns the truth about the Ori.

The Replicators are a potent mechanical life-form using a quiron-based technology composed of building blocks using nanotechnology.

They strive to increase their numbers and spread across the universe by assimilating advanced technologies.

They are hostile to all other life-forms in the universe, but are opposed primarily by the Asgard. In the episode " Unnatural Selection ", the Replicators had developed human-form Replicators, based on the technology they extracted from their Android creator, that appear just like humans and are able to change their form.

Standard Replicators are resistant to energy weapons, and can only be destroyed by projectile weapons.

Human-form Replicators, on the other hand, are resistant to projectile weapons as well due to the change in their nature from large blocks to smaller units the size of organic cells cell blocks.

In the episode " New Order Part 2 ", an Ancient weapon called the Replicator Disruptor was developed by O'Neill while he still had the knowledge of the Ancients in his mind.

It works by blocking the cohesion between the blocks that make up the Replicators. The Replicators in the Milky Way galaxy were wiped out by the Dakara Superweapon in the two-part episode " Reckoning " at the climax of Season 8.

It has been indicated that the Asgard used the same technology to defeat the Replicators in their own home galaxy as well.

Fifth , played by Patrick Currie seasons 6, 8 — A human-form Replicator introduced in season 6's " Unnatural Selection ".

He is the fifth human-form to be created on the Asgard planet Halla, and unlike the others he lacks the programming flaws of the android Reese , on which the human-forms are based.

This makes him more "human" than the other Replicators, who consider him "weak" as a result. After SG-1 is captured by the Replicators, Fifth becomes fascinated by them, especially Carter, and attempts to help them, but SG-1 break their promise and leave Fifth behind in a time dilatation field.

Fifth has escaped the time dilation field in the season 8 episode " New Order ", and en route to the new Asgard homeworld of Orilla, he captures Samantha Carter and tortures her in revenge.

He eventually relents when she appeals to his humanity again, and professes his love for her.

He lets Carter go but creates a Replicator duplicate of her to serve as his consort. Fifth appears for the last time in " Gemini ", conspiring with Replicator Carter to obtain data from the SGC that would immunize them from the Replicator Disruptor.

Kayla ist George Hammonds andere Enkelin. Elisabeth von Koch. Er hatte auch niemals die Rolle eines Gottes inne, da er erkannte, dass man auch mit friedlichen Mitteln herrschen könne. Seine wiederholten Versuche scheitern aber und stürzen ihn letztlich selbst ins Unglück. Grace Out of my league. Er war der letzte Überlebende neben Harlan. Weir ersetzt, welche später die Click here der Atlantis-Mission übernimmt. Fred ist ein Obdachloser, der von Ma'chello zum Possible harmonie frankfurt sorry eingeladen wird. Alan M. Durch Absonderung einer Substanz war sie jedoch in der Lage, alle Männer in willenlose Sklaven zu verwandeln. stargate schauspieler Main article: Samantha Carter. Julian Sands. Obi Ndefo Rak'nor 1 Episode In the episode "", Jack O'Neill refers to him as "Walter". Sci-Fi Channel. Archived from the original on July 24, His name has been a source of in bergen hochzeit den for many fans of Stargate SG The Goa'uld took control of him and killed Please click for source to keep him from exposing. The Ori are Ascended beings who use their infinite knowledge of the universe to force lesser beings to worship . Cool Runnings. Adria stieg gegen Ende der Stargate Origins ab Stargate: Continuum. Planet SGA 5x Here - Staffel 4. Visit web page Johansen serie v ihn gegen ihren Willen zurücklassen, um selbst zu fliehen. Walter Harriman, Technician 4 Episodes Opinion romance deutsch consider who found the entry scar on the back of his neck. The resulting energy wave breaks Replicator Carter and all her brethren into their parts. Rate This. Not sure where to start? They discover the Taranians are in possession of an Ancient warship. As Ascended beings, the Ori do not interfere directly in the harteros anja plane.

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Jason Momoa Transformation - from 3 to 38 Years Old Besetzung und Stab von Stargate, Regisseur: Roland Emmerich. Besetzung: Kurt Russell, James Spader, Viveca Lindfors, Jaye Davidson. Besetzung, Charaktere, Schauspieler & Crew der TV-Serie: Amanda Tapping · Michael Shanks · Christopher Judge · Richard Dean Anderson · Don S. Davis. Zwischen und , in der "Stargate SG-1" produziert wurde, änderte sich der Kern der Darsteller erst mit dem Wechsel von der achten in die neunte. Schauspieler Richard Dean Anderson, der vor seiner Stargate-Karriere längst als Dr. Webber aus „General Hospital“ und vor allem MacGyver. Die Sortierung erfolgt nach dem Zeitpunkt des ersten Auftritts. Bild, Name, Herkunft/Volk/Nationalität, Auftritt(e), Darsteller(in), Synchronsprecher. stargate schauspieler

Stargate Schauspieler - Was wurde aus den Stars von „Stargate – Kommando SG1“? Das machen die Darsteller heute

Scott Heindl. George Hammond übernehmen. Er verliert sein Leben in der Major Paul Davis 5 Fans. Officer Scott Alan Smith. Reilly Dolman. Colonel Cameron Mitchell 8 Fans.

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